Sunday, April 30, 2017

Kumihimo Bracelets: 9 Beautiful Designs (Part 1)

Hola amantes del kumihimo. El dia de hoy quiero compartirles este tutorial que es la parte 1 donde les explicare como hacer 5 hermosos disenios de pulseras usando la misma secuencia de movimientos. Si aprendes la secuencia que es muy facil, podras elaborar todos los disenios. Espero te gusta y te subscribas a mi canal. Bendiciones.

Hello kumihimo lovers. Today i want to share with you this tutorial that is the first part of 2. Here I explain you how to make 5 beautiful kumihimo designs using the same sequence of movements. If you learn the sequence (that is very easy by the way), you will be able to make
all the designs. I hope you like it and subscribe to my youtube channel. Blessings. 


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